Download Adbfire / Adblink and Setup Guide for All Kodi Devices

Download Adbfire / Adblink and Setup Guide for All Kodi Devices

Adbfire is also known as Adblink, so both Adb fire and Adb Link are same. It is a software by which we can manage multiple Kodi devices with a single PC. This software is available for all leading operating system of PC, you can get it on your Windows, Mac(OS X) and Linux. Adbfire/Adblink has lots of features which you will love as a Kodi user.

You can install Kodi on Multiple devices using Adbfire or Adblink easily. Kodi can be downloaded on Firestick using Add fire.

Apart from these, it provides the facility of taking the backup, then restores them, install apps directly on Kodi devices and much more.

Adbfire vs Adblink

There are many people who got confused by the name of Adbfire and Adblink, many times they write in Google search engine Abdfire and Abdlink. I think There is word confusion with those people. And also, if you will ask Adbfire vs Adblink then there is no difference because both are same.

In this tutorial, we will also learn how to install Kodi on Firestick using Adblink or Adbfire. Before going to the tutorial let us discuss all the features of adbfire / adblink below.


Features of Adbfire / Adblink

As already we have discussed that Adbfire having loads of features for its users. It has two kinds of features, one forAndroid-based user and another for global based users. So we fall under Global because we have to deals with Kodi and amazon Firestick. So here are main features of Adbfire or Adblink

1.. Kodi Installation

Kodi installation is one of the best features of Adbfire. Using Adblink Kodi can be download and installed on many devices like firestick, Chromecast, and Chromebook. You don’t have to invest much time in, a single click installation provided by Adbfire. Apart from these installations, it allows managing multiple devices on a single PC.

2.. Backup

Adblink has another good feature that is Backup. It comes up with the Backup feature, that means you can take backup your valuable data from any devices and then further you can use them. If you want to get back up, then you need to select your device, and then click on backup. You will get your backup in a single click.

3.. Install/Uninstall APKs

Adbfire allows you to manage APKs, you can do anything with APKs. You can install new apks as well uninstall too. By browsing, you can install apk, by clicking on uninstall on particular apk you can remove apk from your system.

4.. Restore

Restore is one of the good features of this adbfire software. You can restore your backup using this feature. Above I have told about download backup. You can restore that backup file on any devices.

5.. Deal with Multiple Devices

You can deal with many devices using this software. Multiple devices can be handled using this software on a single PC.

6.. Manage Files

It also comes with a File manager. You can browse files, edit source files and many file-related manipulations using file manager. You can easily manage your file storage as well.

7.. Connect Peripheral Devices

You can also connect peripheral devices easily with Adbfire. It comes with an interface to connect keyboard or your gaming console.

8.. Cache Editing

When you are streaming on Kodi, cache saved in memory. This cache thing leads to buffering issue in Kodi. So for resolving to buffer, you need to clear cache memory. Using Adbfire, you can easily clear cache by clicking on Edit cache button.

Adbfire Download

If you want to install Kodi on Firestick using Adbfire, then you need to download Adblink or Adbfire. It is available for almost all the operating system. Download Adbfire on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Adbfire for WindowsLink

Adblink for Mac or OS X: Link 

Download for Linux: Link

After downloading you need to install adblink in your computer system, then you need to setup your device. Then you can install Kodi easily. So now let’s move to installation part. Adbfire will look like this.


How to install Kodi on Firestick using Adbfire/Adblink?

In the previous section, I have provided the link to Adb fire download. So here, I am assuming that you have successfully downloaded and installed Adbfire on your PC. Now we have to learn how to install Kodi on Firestick using Adb fire. For installing Kodi on firestick follow steps bellow

1.. Take your Firestick and plug it into your Smart TV’s HDMI port. Then switch on the power supply.

2.. Now you need to connect your Television to your Wi-fi network connection, follow the instructions on your Television and connect it to the local network. It can be easily done.

3.. Now Firestick device needs to register, you can register your firestick on Amazon. This step can be skipped if you have already registered your Firestick device with Amazon.

4.. Your computer and Firestick should be on the same wi-fi network, now connect both the devices to your own local network.

5.. Now open the adblink software which you have downloaded on your PC.

6.. For installing Kodi on firestick, we need to download Kodi ARM apk file. Download from here.

7.. The downloaded file should be Saved on your PC.

8.. Then get back to Adblink. You have to add a new device in Adblink.

9.. For adding a device, click on New.


10.. After clicking on New, a new window will appear in front of you with few options. So enter details now, Kodi OS will remain Android, as we downloaded APK for firestick, and APK is for Android operating system. Then for reference of your device name it My Firestick in description input box. In the address, enter the IP address of your Firestick connection, that mean IP address of your Local wi-fi. At the end, Media Center will be Kodi, because we are installing Kodi on Firestick, then click on Save.


11.. After saving the connection details, you need to connect. For connecting, click on Connect. If your setting is fine, then within few seconds you will get connected. You can check it from connected devices.


12.. Now next step is to install APK. Click on install APK.


13.. After clicking on install apk, that will be downloaded. Now click on downloaded APK and it will installed within few moments.

The installation process can be seen on the screen.

Here, we have installed Kodi on Firestick using Adb link or Adb fire. If you want to do it on other devices, then the similar steps can be followed to download Adbfire or Adblink.

Wrapping up

Add fire and Adblink both are same. So don’t get confused. The installation of adb fire is easy and we covered the process above. In this tutorial, we have learnt to download and install Adbfire / Adblink.  If you have any question regarding this feel free to comment below.

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