Latest Best Kodi Addons January 2019 for Movies, Games, Sports

Once you have done with the installation of Kodi on Smart Tv, Amazon Firestick or on any devices, you need to download and install Kodi addons for watching movies, tv shows, and live streaming. Within very less amount of time, Kodi became famous among millions of streaming lover. But by the time, Kodi also lost some best add-ons and repository just because of DMCA and copyright claim. Some shutdown add-ons are Genesis, and Ares wizard. Over the internet, you may get all the add-ons but most of them are not working, So here, we have come up with all working best Kodi addons. On this page, you will get all working and updated Kodi addons 2018.

best kodi addons

Best Kodi Addons 2018

If you want to enjoy a full dose of Kodi, then you need to download all these Kodi addons. Here is the list of best Kodi addons for  Movies, TV Shows, Music, Social Media, Sports, and another entertainment purpose.


It is one of the most popular add-ons. Exodus Addon is developed by Lambda which is known for the Genesis. We can say this addon is a replacement for the Genesis.

Exodus is Movie and TV shows add-on, and it is very famous among all the Kodi users. Most of the features and interface of Exodus are same as the Genesis, but it is more advanced and extended version.

Update: Exodus was shut down after got copyright issue and got down in the lawsuit.

But you need to worry, you can download exodus easily because exodus has been listed in some other repository. You can download and install Exodus from XvBMC Repo. This repo got updated regularly so exodus will work.

Neptune Rising

Neptune Rising addon plays movies and Tv shows. Neptune is Poseidon Fork with updated code.  It can be found in Blamo repository in Kodi.

It has good number movies and tv shows like Covenant. Covenant is the fork of exodus and many other Kodi add-ons, but in recent time it is not updating.

Neptune rising is used as covenant alternatives, and regularly it is updating. So if you want to watch non stop movies then you must download and install Neptune rising Kodi addon.

Neptune Rising Kodi Addon Installation Tutorial

Genesis Reborn

Genesis Reborn is one of the best add-ons for the current time. It is also a fork addon of very famous Kodi addon ‘Genesis’. It has the wide range of movies and tv shows.

It is very similar to Genesis Kodi addon. So if you were Genesis Kodi lover, then you must download this Genesis Reborn addon for Kodi. After installation, you will find its layout and all design is same as Genesis and Exodus.

Genesis reborn is updating very frequently and it has updated code, so without any worry, you can download it and it will work for sure.

How to install Genesis Reborn


Covenant became very popular after exodus stopped working. Covenant came in the market as exodus and many other addon’s forks. In current time, it is not getting updated.

Covenant is used to download from Colossus Repository, but Colossus has been shut down so you can not download. If you have already covenant in your Kodi system, then you can watch.

But there is a good news for you, Covenant is available in a new repository called “XvBMC”. So you can download and install covenant from XvBMC repository.

Kodi Reddit Addon

You can not skip downloading Kodi Reddit addon. As we already know Reddit is a well-known platform, where you can find the latest software, videos, news etc. So using Kodi reddit addon you can find these things, you can also find some important threads.

As you are searching best kodi addons, then you will always get reddit kodi addon in the list. After downloading this addon in your kodi system over firestick, you can watch reddit videos.

So you do not need to open a browser and visit Reddit. You can just do it using reddit kodi addon.


SALTs addon is also very popular. SALTs also stand for Stream all the sources. It allows you to stream TV shows and movies from the plenty of different sources. The work of this addon is to scrape many numbers of the link to provide high-quality streaming to the Kodi user.

It also supports Real-Debrid account that is premium, you need to pay for that, but in the premium account, you will get high-quality streaming. Apart from that, the content provided by SALTS is free to use and that is only for the entertainment purpose not for the commercial purpose.

After Genesis discontinued, SALTS has been seen as Genesis replacement too. It provides the feature like

  • Library Integration
  • Trakt support

These features help you to secure your watch list so that your watch list will never be lost.

If you want to get this addon install SALTS Kodi.

Yahoo! Weather

Wow, Yahoo weather is one of the best Addon of 2018. This addon shows weather forecast from the Yahoo! whether services. There are many other official add-ons also available for the same work like Met Office, Oz Weather, Weather China, etc. So There is one weather forecasting add-ons must be on your list to see the weather forecasting. It will be better for your daily life.


This is one of the best Kodi Add-ons for watching live tv. The main functionality of this addon is to provide live tv streaming to the user. So if you want to get started with this addon then you must have fusion installer. With the help of fusion installer, you can get this addon on your Kodi.

WWE On Demand

WWE on demand is developed by PBear. This Addon is only for the WWE lover. Everyone knows about the craze of the WWE. So if you are a WWE lover then you must install this addon.

This addon is specially developed for the WWE related content. You will get all the WWE related content through this Addon. So why you are waiting just go and install this addon. You may get this addon from the community folder.

You may get this addon from the community folder.

..and the best part is this, that you can also view the classic WWE matches.


The first addon in our list of best movie add-ons is 1channel. This is the very interesting addon to watch a movie on Kodi. So if you want to run this addon on your Kodi, then you will have need of fusion installer running on your Kodi. Without fusion installer, you can’t be able to install this 1Channel movie addon.

You can find this addon in tknorris release Repository folder. This addon is absolutely free. This addon is solely made for the entertainment purpose only.

This addon is not approved by the official developer of the Kodi, so you can’t get help regarding this app on their forum.


Specto is a part of the Genesis add-on and it is developed by Lambda. If you want to watch movies streaming live on your Kodi then it is one of the best movies add-ons for the Kodi.
This addon provides Movies as well as TV shows. So two in one. This addon is very similar to the Genesis add-on, so I think you will love this addon. You can find this addon in the FilmKodi Repository folder.
If you are movie and TV show lover then I will recommend you to install this addon on your Kodi.


Kodi is one of the best content providers, and it is very popular among the Kodi user. So I will recommend you to try once. If you want to install this addon, then you need to have SuperRepo Repository in Kodi. Along with Phoenix, you will get access of many other add-ons, and all in free.

You will have also need of fusion Kodi installer to getting started with this add-on. After installing Phoenix, you will get access to many TV shows and also you will enjoy watching Live T.V.

Yet, this addon is not approved by the official Kodi developer, so you will not get help from them on there from. So it is better to don’t ask the question related to Phoenix on Kodi forum.

Here you can Install Phoenix Kodi addons.


The 123Movies Kodi addon is best for watching movies on Kodi. It allows us to watch movies from the different website. But 123Movies is restricted to few locations. If this is not available in your country/location, then it is recommended to use VPN to watch movies through 123Movies.
The developer of this add-on is Mucky Duck, and apart from 123Movies, they have many others addons. There is one con of this addon is that it is not approved by the official Kodi developers, so that you can not get help from them. It will be better to avoid posting about the help of 123movies on the Kodi forum. Apart from this cons, the addon is best for watching movies online on the Kodi. So you should try this amazing addon.

Pro Sports

The first add-on in the list of best sports add-ons for Kodi is Pro Sport. This addon provides the replay of the most of the popular matches which were telecast on big sports channels.

Pro sports collect the sports content from the well known social network Reddit. After collecting content from Reddit, this addon provides sports related video to us. But yet it is not verified by the official developer of the Kodi.


Placenta add-on brings you some of the best features. It is the fork of Exodus. Though the other forks of Exodus have tried to bring out the best in them, none have been a good competitor to this add-on. You could find it in the Blamo Repository.

It is your choice to use this add-on as some of them would require a rather different Kodi add-on with more distinguished features than this one.


The Covenant clone uses streams that are not licensed. It gets these streams from the third party and provides it into Kodi for the viewers.

Covenant’s architecture has been used for this add-on. Also, the issues that were faced by the viewers while using ‘Covenant’ has been resolved it to a great extent through ‘Incursion’. The add-on would be less recommended because of the sources used here.

Maverick TV

If you are a fitness freak then look out for this add-on as it has a section for the fitness videos that are a set of tutorials. These videos are executed by the athletes.

The videos delivered by celebrities like Beyoncé can be also watched by the viewers. It will probably be a good start on the add-on because of this amazing feature offered by the add-on.  You would surely want to know where to find it! You can find it in Maverick official repository.


What does this Kodi add-on have in the offer? Let’s get a deeper picture of it. You would love to watch the Movies, TV Shows, and also the Live TV on 3D. So here is what comes as a ‘dream come true’ for you. This add-on gives you 3D and 4K display of the contents. Nonetheless, one cannot find a Public Domain or an accurate licensed. However, this would be the viewer’s choice in downloading the same.


The Uranus is a replacement of Elysium Kodi add-on and has been on the demand due to its strong base. Watch your favourite TV shows, Streaming Live events, and the integration of Tarkt and the same offer the HD quality streams that are considered to be a hefty competitor for other add-ons such as the Covenant and Neptune Rising.  Nonetheless, the competition has proved to be in the favour of Uranus.


Bringing live sports to the viewers this add-on also includes the offers relating to movies, music, TV shows along with the other entertainment packages. Sports such as WWE, Sky TV and BT Sports provided can be watched. This acts as a reason for demand. This add-on is from the Echo team.

Live Tube

This add-on of Kodi takes all the streams that are fed into YouTube and gets to your Amazon Fire TV.  The YouTube powers the ‘Live Tube Addon’.

A huge variety of free Live IPTV is provided by this addon from the internet. So now you can view live feeds on this addon from home videos to Fox news. The live streaming content enables the viewers to watch many shows and programmes. It allows you to view Live Now, Animals, Gaming, Mobile, News, Recent Mobile, Recent Live Streams, Sports, Technology. With the HD quality, this addon gives you official TV channels live to you.

Digi Box

The Trakt and Real Debrid users can use this addon. Also, the other users who do not have the above still can use it. If you want this addon on Android then it is regarded to be the best addon for you.

The speed of downloading the addon is high and this gives rise to its demand. You can get Digi Box from the Digital Repository.

This add-on offers, documentary, New releases, and many more programmes. Since the addon gets the standard links, the implication of having it is demanded more than other add-ons.

It has created a difference with the installation being done with easy accessibility and availability.

Fright Night

The craze for movies is almost seen everywhere. However, the craze for horror movies also cannot be evaded. So, here is one that gives you the repository called the ‘Illuminati Repository’ that gives this addon to the viewer to watch horror movies and TV shows. You can select from more than 50 and close to 100 horror movies in the addon.

The best part is that you can install the playlist addon from this team.

As the title states, this Kodi addon is for scary movies and is made with Jen template. It also includes Trakt.

The addon has a list of horror movie franchises, Hammer Film Production and so on and so forth. It can be found from the ‘Looking Glass Repository’.


This addon sounds like some artist that has come in disguise! Well, it is as similar to that, because it offers an altogether pack of TV shows, movies, live music as well as varied programmes, however, most of these are unlicensed though.

You can find this addon from ‘Goliath Repository’. This addon has a variety of categories and sub-categories. An ample amount of choice is given to the viewer for that matter. Some of the sections include, – Find It, Movie Madness, Telly Box, Sports, Tunes, Docutainment.

Also, the sections have – Kids, Fitness and much more included for you to choose from. The former developer of Evovle has developed Goliath.

Now it’s your turn to choose the best addon with variety inculcated within the said repository.

Net Streams AIO

Called as the next generation  NetStreamsSportsHub addon this new NetStreams AIO provides live IPTV sports streams not only with regard to the local set up but also from around the world.

You can view movies, entertainment, music and much more. This addon shares P2P (Acestream) links. It enables the sharing of connection with other viewers thereby reducing ‘buffering’.

You can find this in the Stream Army Repository. The content is drawn from the internet and there is no storage done in Kodi addons. This addon is a ‘blessing in disguise’ if you are a staunch follower of sports channels as it gives you free live sports channel.  It is a perfect addon for the viewers who love football.


Whatever is your choice or interest, it would very much be found in the ‘Goose addon’. You want movies, Chuck Norris, Biker TV, anything at all, you find it here.

This is not an official Kodi Repository. You can find it from the ‘Looking Glass Repository’. This addon gives you lot many programmes’ list such as Popular TV Shows, Documentary, Music, Kidz, Live Sports, Xtreme Sports, etc. It also has a Gaming section for games. It is regarded to be an overall xbmc addon with some great video content.

So choose this one as it an impressive third-party addon.

Jarvis Vod

This addon has been in there with Kodi off late. Even though being new, it has acknowledged lot of contents to its list. The ‘Team Jarvis Repository’ gives you this addon and has in its list from family entertainment to some special added content. The addon uses the JEN Template and is a third-party addon

If you are looking for anime, the Jarvis VOD addon is the best choice as it will provide you with the same.  

Movies and Box sets being some of the main attractions of this addon, it is known as the best stream provider to the viewers (with different choices).

What more would you ask, when Jarvis VOD addon gives you with Drama/Romance, Gangster and Horror.

So, do the right choice at the right time.


This is an addon which you can get from ‘Where The Monsters Live Repository’. Looking for the different theme of programmes, then find these in Midian addon, – Grab Bag/Flix, Fluxus TV, Holiday Club, Helping Hands, Mad About Music, Humour Me, and also Movie of the month are some of the attractions that would entice the viewer to choose Midian.

A huge variety of movies can be found in this addon apart from the 24/7, Live TV, music, kids, Comedy and much more. One has to have an F4m Tester in order to use this addon. If you are looking at plenty of choices, then this is the right choice for you.

Final Gear

If you are interested in sports and even more in ‘Motor Sports’, you are at the right place. This addon gives you the Movies, car shows, Documentaries, Fifth Gear, Grand Tour, Top Gear, and various YouTube channels.

The repository from where you can find this addon is the ‘Griffin Repository’. This is interlinked with the Blamo Repo URL as the former is stored there.

The 9 different categories have become the ‘attraction to the search’ as they offer a lot of options as mentioned above to choose from. The 90’s TV Shows until now, whichever you want to watch from categories aligned for your choice.

Go ahead and choose yours.

The Dogs Bullocks addon

The Kodi add-ons come with a lot of choices for users. One of which is one of the attractive addons is ‘The Dog Bullocks’. The code of this addon is taken from ‘Pyramid’ (the one which is not functioning at present).

We know you are looking for TV shows, Movies, live radio stations, Catch Up TV, Kids section, documentary and much more. All this will be ‘under one roof’ called ‘The Dogs Bullocks’ addon. It is a third-party add-on. This addon provides you with a lot of streaming videos with good quality. Get this addon in the repository.


If you have a lot of things in the choice list then this addon gives you that. Find a lot of shows including Anime, Live TV, Sports, News, YouTube Live, Karaoke, TV Shows, Easy to Pair, Kids, Movies etc, on the addon called Brotherhood.

The addon is updated and has a huge library including TV shows, movies and also IPTV channels. Most of the programmes are offered in HD quality. The addon can be got from ‘Intercomp Media Repository.’  You could also select the ‘Brotherhood Picks’. Apart from these find Cpradof (Pronto), Tutorials Geektvpr, in the list as well. If you want variety as a priority of watching, then this would be the right choice of addon for you.


This addon is ‘the best’ for those who love and are crazy about movies. The ‘stock’ in this ranges to over 4000 movies and much other stuff segregated as per the categories that are simplified for choice.

It does not come under the official Kodi repository. The addon allows you to choose the section of Movies and with the sub-sections, you will enjoy lots of contents related to media, which is brought to you with high quality. You can get ‘Alchemist-Friday’ addon from the Redhoob repository.  


When you want to see new releases, then the addon of Kodi called the Vendetta is the right choice for you. It gives the lot of sub-sections to choose from.

The main section of the menu has the list such as sports tube, box sets, Kids collections, new releases, and Live Tube.

Red Hood Repo repository allows you to use the ‘Vendatta addon’. You can get this addon with the shows that are related to that of UK and USA.

This addon seems to be ‘one-best entertainment’ aspect available for you here.

Exodus ITA

Here is an addon which is developed by Stefano, regarded to be the Fork of Exodus Addon. You can watch Movies, TV shows and much more on this add-on.

Exodus ITA is known to be as multi-source and is the same interface as that of Exodus. Since it is a multi-source addon if one is not working the other one can be used.

It has the default language as ‘Exodus ITA, Italian. However, in order to change the default settings, you need to right-click on the ‘Exodus ITA’ and then click on settings, where you can change the language to “English’ under the ‘General Tab’.

It is a third-party add-on, which gives you Anime, Documentary, and Sports.

TVAddons Indigo gave Exodus. However, the same was updated on Kodil repository after it had gone down as there were no TV add-ons for some time.

You have the option to segregate shows based on categories or genres. So get the addon which gives the quality picture on the shows on movies for you.

Diamond Cinema

Go for this addon if you want themes from shows and movies, namely Horror, Cinema, Music, Urban, and many more programmes.

Get this addon in the Diamond WIZARD Repo.

The shows that you can find here are, Urban Gone Wild, Kings Of Horror, Blame It On Rio, Cirque Du Soleil, Diamond Cinema, Stars Wars / Star Trek The Fans films, Kings Of Honor, and movies and videos from YouTube.

Also, you can get lots of widgets that will help you to get access to famous categories. Again another repo you get the Diamond Cinema from is Legion TV Repo.


This addon comes with various movie, playlist offering, Movies TV shows and many more in stock. It comes with more sections that range from IMDB to war categories.

Find the addon in the supremacy repo.

Apart from the programmes listed, you can also get IMDB Top Action Movies, IMDB Top Comedy Movies, Kids movies, Kid box sets, and IMDB popular movies.

Atriox is a third party addon. This New Multi-Source addon can be found on Kodi. You could different types of Music Videos as well and this addon is one of the favourites for music lovers.

Project M

The other option in the list of add-ons is ‘Project M’ that provides you with various Movies,  Live IPTV, TV Shows, Sports, Kids, music, content, Documentaries and much more.

It is a collection of four other video addons. You can also find Bon Streams, Cric HD, Mama HD, Soccer Jumbo, Stream Hunter, UFC, Formula 1, Sky Sports, BT Sports.

Again find – Falcon sports and Sports Replays on the list.

You also can find the playlists in order to see different play-listing. Again, watch here the 3D movies and 4K format.

Find this in the Merlin repository. The developer Merlin has got it on board with great features and adaptability.

It is an unofficial add-on for Kodi. You can install this addon on Amazon FireStick, PC, Mac, Android, or Raspberry Pi.

It is categorized into – IPTV, Movies, Music, Sports.

Interestingly, Tykes, cryptic and Falcon, eyasses are the ones that are present in the Project M addon.

The other features that make this addon to stand apart are the ‘Ultimate Search’ and ‘Clear Addon’ features.

Non-Stop addon

The non-stop addon is an amazingly wonderful source of entertainment. Wolfey B. shows, 4/7 TV Shows, 24/7 Kids Klub,  Fluxus TV, Live World Cams, Round The Clock Music, 24/7 World News, Random 24 etc. can be viewed under this addon,

Sections included in the addon are Fluxux TV, Live Worlds Cams and many more.

It is not an official add-on of Kodi.

It is regarded to be an IPTV add-on consisting of live streams.

You can find this addon on ‘The Monsters Live Repository’. So go ahead and choose it if you are interested in the above areas.

BMC Addon Guide

The addon is a fork of ‘Convenant’ and includes news, movies and much more in the list provided by the BMC addon. It is regarded to be a replacement for Exodus.

Watch all your favourite TV shows, movies that you have been crazy about and along with other attractions. You can get this from Boom media repository.

The options and menus have been updated. It offers all these from multiple sources on Kodi.

Again, you can get New TV Shows, Tools, TV Clander, apart from the Search feature. The addon has the same interface as of the ‘Convenant’. It is easy to be used on the Amazon’s Firestick.

So try it!

Not FilmOn

Find this addon in the Noobs and Nerds Repository, which gives you a lot of options to choose from.

You can watch Live TV channels from different countries like UK, Germany, Canada, India, Russia, France and Turkey. Watch the TV shows, Cartoons, Documentaries, and much more in the SD content.

The Unknown Source check is required as it is necessary before you install the 3rd party add-ons; also, it is better that way.

It gives you about 90,000 plus video-on-demand titles, and over 600 live streaming channels. 

Get the Caribbean Channels, Cars Auto, Celebrity TV and many more.

So get going on this addon if you want diversity on programmes based not only on the categories but also on different states’ programmes.

Elektra Vault

Get the Elektra Vault from the Supremacy Repository with an option of different sections that gives you movies, 4K, Fitness, Live IPTV, TV Shows, Documentaries, Box sets and the lot more in the list.

The content comes to you with HD content. You will be able to get 4K movies on the list which is an amazing offer of this addon.

The list of offers under this add-on includes Latest Movie Releases, TV Shows, XBOX Section, Rays Ravers, Live PPV, Live Television Server 1 (including 2 and 3), Live Sports Events and several more of it given by the addon.

The all-in-one addon comes with the selective options based on viewer’s taste and mood.


If you are using the Tarkt account then the addon of Oculus can be a great choice. You can get it from the Trademark Repository.

Having a lot of sections and categories, Oculus addon is updated with the latest streams that provide you with movies and TV shows. It is a third-party add-on.

Comparatively, this addon has been considered to be one of the best as it gives varied and diversified options with the Jen Framework.

It is the great source for different shows and Animation. It also consists of Acestream Ip TV section.

This is a wonderful addon which uses lists from TMDB. This multi-source addon brings the best to you.

So now, once you know what you want based on your likes and lookouts, you have a list of where you can select and watch.

Entertainment is one area that keeps you popped up to choose the right one for yourself.

Alliance add-on

Here is another Kodi addon that gives you different TV shows and other aspects related to entertainment etc., from the Intercomp Media Repository.  

It gives you live sports, movies, TV shows, Kids, anime, Live TV, Real Debrid Login, Easy To Pair, CPRADOF Picks, Fitness, Espanol, Karaoke, Brotherhood Picks, and much more.

The addon was formerly ‘Brotherhood’. The database is huge and contains 15 different categories.

The collection under this addon involves Humor, Fitness, Youtube Live, and Virtual Reality as well.

Movies are a favourite concept to all of us. The addon includes- Movie Trailers, Most Popular, Trending Movies, genres and so on and so forth.

If you are interested in other infotainment aspects, then get them as well. Find ABC, Bloomberg, CNN News, Discovery, Fox News, HBO, Science Channel and many more such as these.

Other than above you can also ‘treat’ yourself with Music, Eyewitness, and Featured VR Videos, Explore Your World along with the new and updated anime.

Phoenix Reborn

The Phoenix Reborn provides you with the live IPTV streams, Movies, Germany, World Music, Croatian, Slovenian, Serbian, Documentaries, Macedonian, Kids Programmes and many more of the options in the list.

You can get the addon from the Phoenix Reborn Repository. It has content in different languages. You can get the best experience with this addon if you have the F4m Tester on your Kodi software.

So, here is something that you can choose so as to watch TV shows and movies in different languages.

Scorpio Streams HQ

This is a unique add-on to choose and enjoy with the diversities added to this.

A lot of sections is found in the Scorpio Streams HQ. It provides you with the streaming their favourite contents that include ‘Live and New releases’.

The main categories are New Releases and Screener, TV Networks, TV Genre, Movies By Year, Movies By Genre, Movies By Production, Movies By Actor or Actress, TMDB, TRAKT, User Lists TMDB or TRAKT

Not to forget the sports, live TV, Documentaries, Kids movies that come with this addon.

Off late it has been updated to the version 1.3. The addon also helps you to view programmes of UK Live TV and UK Live Sports TV. Streams are provided with HD quality.  

Scorpio Streams HQ is a third party addon and is found in Supremacy repository.

Go ahead and choose yourself with the best of the sub-categories from ‘By year Category’ so as to find your choice of movies.

Go further to get ESPN, Discovery, Nat Geo and many more since this addons knows and respects your taste and likes of content.

Madhouse Classic-Saturday

If you are ‘craving’ for classic movies then ‘Mad House Classics’ is the right choice.

You can get it from Mad House repo. Watch the movies of the fifties, sixties, seventies, till nineties as well.  You can also get access to the TV shows of the fifties and sixties. This addon gives a list of links that will be played automatically.

Here you are with the old but very elegant and evergreen memories related to entertainment at your desk to be played and watched. Go for it!

White Devil Streams 

If you want different streams, Live TV and HD Movies, the same can be got from White Devil Streams which is in ‘Brettus Repo’.

The programmes can be viewed through multi-streams. Apart from Live TV, it includes 1080p movies, IPTV, Movies, Boxset’s, Top 100, Retro TV, Ultra HD 4k, BAMF’s Back In time, Music, sports, amusement, Audiobooks and Nemesis.

Also, find HD Movies through multi-stream links. The ‘White Devil’ gives options for multi-streaming of movies and also there are few changes made to dead links.

The addon is from Biggy Ozz. The 3D section offers 3D movies. It has the Specialist Streams as a sub addon. Again this is a third party addon.

So here you are with the variety and special viewing content for to enjoy.


Rightly said, ‘sparkle’ your ‘way of watching’ through this amazing addon called ‘Sparkle’ that gets programmes and shows streamed on Reddit and Acestreams.

Although there are quite a few add-ons in the ‘viewing list’ still this addon has its significance and demand attached to it in a unique manner.

If you are looking for the US sports, then you have to be right here and let the ‘Sparkle’ addon do its job. NBA Basketball, MLB Baseball, American Football, NHL Ice Hockey and much more.

It also gives you the section of MMA Mixed Martial Arts, motorsports, soccer tennis, rugby, Puck streams.

The lists of sports contain individual match or event apart from the indicating aspect as to how many streams are available. Sparkle is permitted under the MIT license and is developed on GitHub which is – ‘Open Source’ software.


Fun filled and exciting programmes are offered in this addon called ‘Gearz’.

There you go the guys crazy about ‘motorsports’; Grab the opportunity of having this addon if you are to be ‘raced’ through the motorsports presented by the addon!

The addon is a ‘product’ of Rockcrusher Repository and is meant for those who are well-determined to get the hang on vehicle sports.

You can find the Vehicle profiles and showcases about Hacks, trick and tips and much more.

The addon gets the streams from YouTube and has a lot of sections from where the choice is yours.

For the Gearz guild’s server, Gearz Mod was developed.

Now it’s your chance to decide to get the addon to watch motorsports.  In other words, Gearz is very much for the motorsports’ ‘akin’.


Here is something that with full entertainment! On this addon get your favourite movies on 3D, also get 4D Movies, Audio Books, CCTV, Cooking, Boxsets, Disney, Christmas Films, Faith,, Documentaries, Horror movies, Fluxus Films, Movie Hub, Kids Films, Sky Bt Sports, Tunes, stoner, World IPTV, UK TV, Stand Up, TEST Arena, and the list goes on and on!

Do you have an F4m Tester? If you do not have one then get one installed as then, to enjoy the above addon with variety of shows and movies you need to have it done.

It comes from the Ajs Repository and is in actual a re-branding of Paul’s World addon.

The wide variety and diverse shows and programmes offered in the addon will surely meet the requirements of viewers.

The choice would not disappoint you as you can choose what you want from the list offered by the addon.

Sports Hub

Lot of us are the ‘core’ followers and viewers of sports, be it any part of the day or time.

The craze hence has been analyzed and resulted in a section of sports provided to people who are crazy about sports like us by the addon named ‘Sports Hub’.

As the name states, it relates to sports and includes NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB, Highlights, My Subreddits, apart from the others being in the ‘sports hit list’.

Provided from the Tantrum TV Repository this addon comes with the variety of content in the level of sports you are looking at.

With the NetStreams SportsHub Kodi, you get to watch your liked sports.

One needs to enable the Unknown Source so that the add-ons that are of third-party category can be installed.

On a final note get a lot of sports varieties, with HD picture along with the updated sports done on the frequent basis under ‘Sports Hub’.


Apart from other shows offered by the addon, the sports-based effective source is here for you – The Boom addon.

The updates done on regular basis as per the events by the developers is one feature that makes it stand out and also to keep working all the time.

You can choose from sports such as Golf, Football, Boxing MMA, Motor Sport or many others that are on the list.

Boom Repository is the source of Boom addon. The boom has its own server and this is an advantage as Boom would be always up.

Boom’s former name was ‘Fixtures Addon’. It has been rebranded by Lee and Wookie team.

Use the F4m Tester in Kodi so as to get most of it on this addon.

The addon offers many other genres of shows such as Action, Drama, and Comedy on Boom Gold.

So you can choose which one you want from the list as they have a lot of options that become a part of your family entertainment.

Supra Box

The addon ‘Supra Box’ is a super addon on its way to entertain you with its different categories of Movies both in SD and HD quality, Hockey, Boxing, Live Sports channels and a lot of other content in great picture quality. You will get HD 4K quality content from this addon.

The addon provides options such as Football Rewind, Ice Hockey Tributes, Classic Boxing, Sports TV, YT Madness, YT hits, UKTV, and USA TV.

The sections also include Latest Movies, Classic Movies, ONTV, and iMacs Docs.

You can get the addon from the ‘Looking glass’ repository.

It also reserves the list of new releases both in the 720p, 1080p and 4K Ultra quality.

At the Flix

Are Movies being the topmost priority for you when it comes to entertainment?

Then choose the addon, ‘At the Flix’ which fixes the search for movies. This addon allows you to choose your own options to select and view the best shows and movies you want.

The latest movies are presented to you here!

The below-mentioned aspects are allocated and categorized while providing the set of movies to the viewers.

  • The add-on gives a unique way to watch your favourite movies. You can select the link from various other links that is brought to you by the addon and which comes with different qualities adapted by the link.
  • There is also another section under the addon, where one can choose ‘Direct Links’ for movies and evade the selecting action.
  • Apart from this, you can also choose the option, ‘4K UHD only’, as far as the speed is compensated to project the quality.

Again being a third party addon, it is found in Maverick repository.

Eventually, find the best addon as per your decision!

Star Tec 

This addon is one that makes you feel excited about owning it basically because it has the variety of offers.

The add-on, Star Tec has a category known as World CCTV.

This addon is from Gentec, which means that Star Tec is from the source, GenTec Repo.

One can find all the media content under this which is an advantage. Again, this is a 3rd party addon.

Get your favorite programmes such as the TV shows, Cooking TV, documentaries, Live TV, Sports Replay, Retro Toons, Live YouTube,Music, Live Concerts, Ace Stream Sports, Tatoo Popular, Live Events, Sports TV, Anime, Latest Lotto Results, Bloopers TV, Radio, Pranks TV, Kids Hub, Fishing TV, and many more channels that would entice you to watch it.  


The interface of the Legacy add-on is similar to that of Exodus.

However, the codes are new and are updated to make it work much better than Exodus.

The search options feature, Tools Tv shows, Episodes, Movies, Channels, My movies-tv shows, and much more are on the list of this addon.

It has multi-stream links and enables the viewer to watch the shows and movies with a quality of 1080p, 720p and HD.

Get this addon from ‘Zero Tolerance Repository’.

Legacy is a fork of Exodus. Even though there were some issues relating to working of Legacy on Firefox, the current version of Firefox does support Legacy.

Hence, go ahead and enjoy the shows and movies that the add-on offers!

Griffs Docs

Here is a newly released add-on that gives you categories relating to the British history, Cold War as well as computer-related information through their documentaries.

You can get this addon from the Griffin (Blamo Repo) Repository. By featuring different kinds of documentaries, this add-on brings you the best.

It includes Alex Jones Documentaries, Crime Documentaries, BBC Documentaries, HBO Documentaries, Netflix Documentaries, Conspiracy and Al Jazeera Documentaries, and so on and so forth.

Also find War, Sports, Religion, Panorama, Louis Theroux, Espionage, Drugs, with others on the list.

Being a third party addon you can easily access it with simple steps.


The Atomic addon comes is a fork of Exodus / Covenant.  The code of the addon is updated and resembles the layout of Exodus/Covenant. You can find this in the Atomic Repository.

This addon has a small interface with categories such as Movies, TV Shows, New movies, My TV shows, My Movies, Channels, Tools, New Episodes, and finally ‘The Search’ feature.

It provides you with a high quality based shows and movies that can be watched through multi-stream links.

Also, find the sub-categories like Genres, Year, People, Most Popular, Most Voted, Oscar Winners, New Movies, My Movies, and many more under this addon.

The Genres section includes History, Family, Animation, Fantasy, Crime, Action, Adventure, Horror, and Comedy along with many others in the list.

You can choose from the list based on her or his liking towards the entertainment.

TV shows include Killing Eve, Deep State, Star Falls, Rapture, Krypton, Corner Gas Animated and lot more.

The highlighted features of this addon are ‘Tools’ and ‘Search’, which enables to choose from options such as – Clear Cache, Providers, Downloads, History, Subtitles, Clear Search apart from others.

So find your favourite shows and movies through ‘Search’ and enjoy watching through this addon.

It’s your time to make the best choice!


There are many comic and fancy characters which are used as names of newly introduced software or a technology. Here is one such used for the addon that is named ‘Loki’

It can be found in ‘All Eyez On Me Repository’ and presents you with five categories such as Movies, Documentaries, TV Shows, Music, and WWE, Kids, apart from a lot of subsections.

You can get a list of good movies and TV shows under the Loki addon.

You can, of course, find what you are looking for because it has a lot of collections related to different Movies and shows.

Loki addon, the third party addon offers various choices of Movies that helps the viewer to select what she or he wants which is a wonderful option for this addon.

New releases make its mark on this addon, hence stick to this addon.

You name the Movie and you get it here!

Pandora’s Box

Here is an addon which provides you with the menu called ‘Open Pandora’s Box’.

Also, get features such as ‘Search and Favorites’ along with lot of sub-categories.

Get this addon from the ‘Pandoras Repository’.

Here is a chance to watch some great 4K content, which means you don’t have to search a particular source to watch Sports, TV Shows or a Movie.

Being a third party addon, Pandora app can be launched on Amazon’s Fire TV.

So, get this addon on various provided sources and enjoy varied features with your favourite shows and movies.

Addon Crazy 

If you are looking for something different and unique, as you can get to watch the lot of Movies, TV shows, Kids, YouTube, Crazy-utube, My Stuff and many other options or subsections to choose from.

You can get the addon in the Blaze repository. Enjoy your favourite content, YouTube videos and much more. The addon is based on the Jen Template giving a lot of top content for you to find the best for you.

If one wants to speed up the addon’s loading time you can do so by disabling metadata in Settings.

Watch a lot of favourite media contents with high picture quality such as 1080p/720p/HD.

Choose this addon to be a source of great entertainment for you and your child as it has ‘kid’s content’ based shows.

Click Here

Find yourself with a lot of information along with the categories for Movies, My MoviesNew, Episodes, TV Shows, Tools, My TV Shows, and feature of Search on ‘Click Here’.

You can look for this addon in ‘Skydarks Repository’.

This is for you to click the repository and get the choice of your entertainment and select the shows which you want to watch and enjoy.

Go ahead and ‘Click Here’

Wolf Pack

Here is a ‘pack’ that gives you a effective streaming content from the web. Watch TV shows, movies, cartoons and something more as well.

A great content presented by the addon which contains U.F.C and WWE extreme rules apart from theatre movies.

Again, find shows and programmes in the section of ‘The Specialist’, A Woman’s Touch, Mind of Moranable, Audiobooks, Midian, Anime, Stand Up Comedy, Documentaries; The list goes on with much more.

The addon is brought by specialist Streams include Brettus Media, Brettus Place and much more.

It was not functioning for some time; however, the comeback of the addon has been great.

It presents programmes with great picture quality that includes high HD or Full HD video along with 5.1 DTS sound.

What more would you want when the addon is offering you with 4K movies.

As it is aired to you, watch TV shows and streaming of live sports as well. Do not miss out on ‘the on-demand movies’ and foreign media content.

A very effective and quite well-maintained repository ‘WhereTheMonsterLivesRepois the place of its existence.


This is another Kodi Krypton addon that consists of various shows and movies. It is here to make you perplexed on choosing the shows or movies.

Yes, the Chronos addon which is from the Skydarks Repository has in its ‘library’ many programmes and channels such as Live TV, , Austria, HockeyConcerts, radio, Sports, Germany, Movies and many more to be watched and enjoyed.

It is interesting that the addon has been listed as a free IPTV addon Inc Sports that resembles MIC.

Again, if the search is for any German based add-on then ‘Chronos’ would be the perfect choice as the above list of programmes and shows are in German. Of course, the Australian channels also play an equally important role to pull the audience’s interest accordingly.

Also, the content that was previously made in Canada appears here. On the whole this third party addon has Tools, UFC/MMA, NHL Hockey and much more to look out for.

The addon has been updated to v2.2.

24/7 channels have become part of the things which make this addon a highlight!

You could also share the connection with others as this addon has acestream peer-to-peer links and this feature leads to less buffering.

So, go ahead and choose a channel that has diversity in language and programmes as well.


If you are wondering if you had something that would have a kind of extension of Info Mod, then here is what you can get. The Wraith addon!

This addon pulls information from TMDB which basically means that it pulls feeds from other addons.  

The original of this kind was done by ‘Q’; however, Wraith is termed to be one of its forks.

It is a third party addon and has an organized way of exhibiting the video information.

You can get many channels and contents that include Movies and TV shows.

You can organize the content so that are laid in an appealing layout with the settings, All Movies, Popular and Top Rated.

Now, the most important part, repository! Yes, you will find ‘Wraith addon’ in Blamo Repo.

A premium interface created by the addon is paired with Chappa’ai.

If you have an older version of Wraith, you need to re-install the addon as it has been updated.

You can find the selection of the shows and movies being very easily


This addon can be gotten from the Illuminati Repository. This addon offers Live TV, TV Shows, Movies, Catch-up, Fitness, Documentaries, Sports, Anime, Trakt, Kids, Music, Comedy, News and much more. There is also a feature for easier use called ‘Clear Cache’.

Action movies are the main genre aspect in this addon that coaxes you to choose it.

An all-in-one complete entertainment addon is here. Its time you get it on your device.

Local News Cast

The addon is basically that which concentrates on presenting the news update ‘locally’!

This addon which can be found in the Jesus Box Repository gives you local news.

In other words the local news relating to that of the City and Sate is exhibited on this addon. Even though not all the cities are included in this addon, some of them that are already there and are doing an excellent job.

Streaming of newscasts from all over the city right from New York to Los Angeles or from Miami to Seattle including many more is included in this addon.

In the list are the channels to be watched from Colorado, Azizona, Arkansas, Alabama and many other cities.

You can get live and ‘on demand’ broadcasts from local channels.

On a final note those who want to watch local news this addon would be the right choose.

The Rabbit Hole

Many sections and options found in this addon. The ‘Rabbit Hole’ comes with Movies, Live Cam feeds, TV shows, Live TV, Radio, Documentaries, Concerts, and much more.

Apart from this you can also get Grub Hub, and Blaze. It has ‘Trakt options’ which is another great advantage.

Channels of Cartoons, kids Movies, keep the children entertained.

With great picture quality and lot of options to select from, means that the addon has lot of content.

One can get the addon from ‘All Eyez On Me Repository’ and the same is appealing for viewers as per their likes!

Get channels like IPTV, radio stations, those which interests the viewers a lot.

TV TugaMilhano 

When you want diversity of concepts on the entertainment, then get TV TugaMilhano as you will find channels of UK, US, Portugal, also France and many other states of the world.

The j2mf4 team has given Tv Tuga Milhano

Also, the Amerkano Tuga Kodi addon from the Nuova repo has the list of TVs are Milhanno, French TV, RS IPTV, Vip Kids Tv. Brazil TV, Spain TV, Usa TV, Germany TV, Switzerland TV. Netherlands TV, Turkey TVAlbany TV, 

The Live TV IPTV and many other channels make a substance of difference in the world of entertainment.

Again, you must use the F4m Tester so as to get a lot of things from this addon.

Here is and addon that will make you choose different TV options and varieties to choose and enjoy watching.


The Juggernaut Repository gives Norse addon that provide you with your favorite TV shows or movies and that are easy to access. Lot of content found in this addon which looks simple but offers very attractive shows and movies.

Find the Latest Releases, Movies Boxsets, Darkhorse Comics films/TV, Best Rated Movies, Comedy Movies, Sports Movies, Trending Shows, TV Collection, My lists, Popular TV, Chick flicks and much more in the content.

You get the content with great picture quality and no buffering issue.

The addon is regarded to be one of the best that provides a lot of options easily to select and watch.

The more options viewers have, more would be the selection opportunity given to them and hence, this addon is seemingly doing what is required.

Making sure that this addon is on your ‘choice list’ – is the presenting aspect of the addon.

BoonDock add-on

This addon is one which is filled with a lot of sections and gives you a great chance to select from.

The Illuminati Repository, where you can find this addon, offers you with great shows and movies with variety in picture quality, which is obviously high-quality.

Now, it’s time to see what it offers – The list under the add-on includes, Kickass TV, Documentaries, Skelly’s Picks, internet series, Movie Faves, Badaas Requests, On TV Today, Netflix Original series, You Killed Stewie, Popular, apart from ‘Search’.

The contents are in different folders which look quite organized and easy to navigate.

If you have a device or a source that works slowly, not to worry as this one is with Jen Template and this template makes the functioning of the addon smooth, without any hitch.

Eventually, it is an advantage for the viewer, so be less worried and make the decision with the addon that is easily navigated and smooth on its running.

Pure Sports 

Interested in Sports? Then what are you waiting for? Get the addon Pure Sports to your choice of entertainment.

Here is an addon presenting you with the variety of sports just for you sports lovers!

The list includes – 3 PM Kick-Offs, Sports Channels, Boxing / MMA, F1, NBA, NHL, F1, Football, Rugby, Cricket, Darts, and WWE.

This third-party addon can be enjoyed at its best by having the F4m Tester.

You can get this addon from the Purerepo repository.

So go ahead and treat yourself with the collection of sports’ channels and this is especially for ‘crazy sport-people’, who have been longing for such a source that would give you not only choice to select from the list but also introduce you to the 3pm kick Offs which is an amazing highlight.

You can get currently playing & upcoming games & get to choose to view from the events.

Get the best choice of sports for yourself by getting this addon as it is the most accessible source for sports.


This addon has a section of playlist that offers Absolem, I.C.U, Mystique, Caesar and Timber Wolf. 

In other words, in this addon, you can get both variety and variety with a difference.

It is an all-in-one addon which gives you the best to be watched.

Juggernaut repo is the place where you need to go to get this addon.

Also, Find Movies, Stoner Movies, TV, Kids apart from the special exhibiting of programmes such as Concerts, War Movies, Kung-Fu, Fitness, UFC-MMA Replays, 24/7 Movies.

I.C.U. gives you Urban, Hood, and also the niche content.

Mystique presents you with Movies, TV, Kids Korner, Mens and Ladies Content, Music and Bushcraft, Survival, Outdoors and much more in the list.

Timber Wolf has again TV and Movies.

Here is one that you have been waiting for – A unique difference in the sections presenting the shows and movies, apart from focusing on fitness channels as well.

So get going for this addon which is filled with a mixture of special and usual aspects.


The fork of Elysium addon is here; ‘The Uranus’ comes with a lot of enchanting entertainment of Movies and shows of TV.

The addon is updated regularly, and is found in the repository called ‘Griffin Repository’.

Giving you the best of the shows and collections of TV, Spotlight, Movies and more in the list can be viewed.

The addon also gives you the option to select from the subcategories. Select from Featured, In Progress, New Movies, Popular and still a lot to offer in the list.

The streaming of links comes with quality and perfect playing of programmes concept.

It has HD links to offer. The addon gives you around 1080 links.

So, here is your chance to get the variety of selection being done.

The addon is regarded to be one which is a multi-source provider of TV shows and Movies.

There was development made on this addon that included switching of scrapers to Universal scrapers, TMDB API Key which is updated, and Trakt API Key, which is again updated apart from a lot many lists being replaced.

Now get the list – Movies, – upcoming, Oscar, Disney, Top Rated, Genres, Now Playing and much more.

TV also has sections that include, Airing Today, Popular, On the Air, Networks, and not to forget New TV, TV Catchup, Tarkt, Changelog, Tools, Search and lot many sections.

I Am Absolem

Get the huge offer from this addon called ‘I Am Absolem’ that offers Stand movies and TV.  

The list also includes Urban, War, Fitness and Documentaries.

The addon was initially in Glasso Repository but later was changed to Androidbboy Repo.

The addon also includes Vendetta, and Prometheus, Dr. Doom, Alchemist, apart from the sections of Sci-Fi Movies, which is an out of the box affect for the viewers to enjoy.

It is regarded as all-in-one add-ons and has 15 items in its Menu.

This means, there is always diversity to choose here.

Do not miss to watch the Star Wars and Marvel vs DC collections and also do enjoy Kung Fu movies as well.


Joshua comes with a mixture of TV, movie and documentary look for this addon as it offers you with Documentaries, TV Shows, Movies, TMDB offers the TV playlists and canned movies apart from Trakt.

Check out the ‘SIOPS’ that includes special categories to be viewed.

A simple interface which is available in ‘Griffin Repository’ has unique categories.

The categories gives you Movies that play – Top Rated, New Released, Genres, Years, Box Sets, Popular and lots of other selection.

Also, get selections to be made from – Actors/Actresses, Clear Cache, Search and Settings.

Here is a third party addon that gives you classification of shows and movies and you are free to customize. Now you can enter your own TMDB and Tarkt API Keys based on the customization concept.

Hence grab it!


If you want to watch ‘any content’ irrespective of what you want to watch and has a continuous affect, then ‘SkyNet’ is the right choice to make.

Go ahead and choose this addon which gives you movies, sports, live TV, TV shows, and music.

A combined addon is here – Supremacy, the Dogs Bollocks and Maverick TV.

Categories are segregated under this addon which includes Movies, 4K UHD, TV Shows, IPTV, Sports, Boxsets.

So go on with the selection of choices.

Also, you get 24/7 Movies, Kids, Music and Live TV.

You can watch all HD, 3D and 4K Movies through this Add-on.

It also offers you to watch Maverick TV Box sets and Maverick New Releases.

Finally, Go for it! Get the addon in the Maverick repository.


A lot of bliss is found in getting this addon and watching what it offers.

Here is, ‘The Mystique’ addon gives you Movies, Actors, TV Shows, Actresses, Ladies Lounge, Mens Lodge, Kids Corner, Stand Up Comedy, Music, Documentary / Realty, Bushcraft / Survival / Outdoors, and Settings.

The Juggernaut team has put in its efforts in bringing this amazing addon which gives the entertainment world a sense of unique presence.

However, the source from where it can be got has been moved to the ZT repo currently.

Music lovers and also those who want to give your kids a time of essence and happiness, this addon does it all for you. The addon has a lot of content relating to a bunch of collection that you as a viewer can select and watch.

It also stands out due to the feature of the collection of Movies for Men and Women along with Stand Up comedy.

If you want to load it quickly, then you can disable metadata that appears in the settings of the addon.

Go ahead and select which one is your choice for today and enjoy watching it.


You will get the Emerge addon from ‘Juggernaut Repository’. Again, this addon is counted as the one that provides you with top contents.

The contents include Latest Movies and Releases, Search TMDB, IMDB and ‘settings tools’ apart from Live, Music and much more.

You can watch shows and movies with multi-stream link and with picture quality that is quite high. The main source of watching is the clarity of the shows and this addon gives variety with clarity.

Finally, here is something with a lot of options and quality which enables you to make the right choice.


Another addon that has created a difference is the Chaap’ai addon.

This addon comes with a lot of content related to Movies, TV Channels, Music, TV shows and Playlists.

Apart from this, the Movies category has been divided into a lot of sub-categories like Genres, Top Rated and Popular, Trending, In Theatres, Most Played, Blockbusters, and Most Collected.

There are lot many channels found in the list which create demand for this addon.

The Search feature is another aspect that makes the addon a great choice.

Blamo repository is the source from where this addon can be got.  

On a final note, Chaappa’ai is an addon for video streaming that includes various TV shows and Movies.

Visit the addon and enjoy the content to the fullest!

Anime Incursion 

The best choice for Anime addon would be the ‘Anime Incursion’ addon. The addon is a fork of Covenant/Exodus and can be installed from Incursion Repo

This addon is a brand new addon from the said repo and focuses on Anime, Movies, TV shows and much more.

The addon also includes Original video, Specials – Tools, Search and Original network and much more.

The new Anime and cartoon Kodi addon are here to get you the best of entertainment through the variety of choices.

You could also get this addon from Addons4Kodi Repository.

The add-on gives the content with the options such as date added, genre, and recently added. The TV shows are also organized in the manner of release.

Finally, here is something that can help not only you but also your kids to choose what to be watched!

Iron Man 

A Team ZT Repository has brought forward an addon with different content and variations in the options given.

The ‘Iron Man’ addon; as the name suggests is strong and steady to offer the viewers with programmes that are fixed on the base of the types of shows and movies offered.

A section for Movies, where the addon offers IMDB Top 250, Family, Comedy, Action, Kids, Horror, and lot more is found in the list.

Even though you do not have a Tarkt account, links are brought in by the addon.

However, with Tarkt account, many options can be set up.

The addon has tons of playlists of Movies, such as Boxsets and  TV shows.

It concentrates on Movies completely on one hand, however, still includes TV programmes as well.

Tarkt Trending Movies, Popular, Trending TV shows of Tarkt, Tarkt’s Popular shows, Real Debrid Login etc, are those in the list.

Get yourself inclined towards this addon and be relieved to do your choices.

IPTV Bonanza

This is a huge ‘Bonanza’ for you as viewers because the addon, ‘IPTV Bonanza’ offers great links of Live TV channels not only local but from all over the world.

The addon also gives these shows and programmes with a great picture quality without which it would be not appealing.

Above all, get the F4mTester on Kodi so that the best of the telecast through the addon can be watched.

One can find the addon from Maniac repository and you can watch shows and movies of different places in the world.

In other words, the addon streams live channels from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France and from many other countries in the world.

It would be a great choice if the streaming is live on Kodi. The addon pulls the content from the online list which is updated on a daily basis.

This third-party add-on can entertain you with programmes with different languages as you can access shows and movies from around the world.

There are close to 1800 streams that are pulled from the internet and automatically updated.

Bones Brigade

This addon from Griffin pulls the content from YouTube and also Reddit.

Its repository is been added to Blamo, The add-on focuses on skateboarding, various Contests, TV shows and movies, and also King of the Road.

The most important one is skateboarding and movies which is displayed from the videos on YouTube and Reddit.

Not to forget including on the list is the Extreme Sports, Snowboarding, and much more.

If you interested in a unique kind of entertainment such as this one then you have come to the right place.

So do not forget the get this addon and enjoy!

Addon Installer for Kodi

If you want to manage plugin related everything from one place, from a single interface then you must have Addon installer. This installer enables you to browse, update and install other plugins from a single place. So you do not need to go anywhere else to manage or install new plugins. Addon installer save lots of your time. So it is one of the best Addon of 2017.  You will find all the plugin related thing in the repositories of addon installer.

NJM Soccer

The name NJM Soccer is saying all about this Addon. This is dedicated addon for the sports lover. Sports lovers should install this Kodi addon. This is also a good and working addon. But for installing this addon you will need of Ares Wizard. With the help of that Ares wizard, you can install this addon. You should also try NJM Soccer live which is also loved by all the people out there.

Yet, if you have not installed this addon, and you are sports lover then you should install this addon.

Bulldog Streams

Bulldog stream is one of the best Kodi add-ons for the sports streaming. If you want to watch only sports related content then this addon will best suit you, because Bulldog streams provide only sports related content. The main and the best feature of this app is that it provides all the sports streaming and telecast in HD quality. That means you will get high-quality sports streaming.

The place of this addon is in BullDog Streams Repository folder. It provides content and channels ranging from the UK to worldwide. So that you can watch the sports content of the almost whole world by using this addon. In future, you will get more content and more features in this addon. So you must try this addon.

DC Sports

In our list of best sports Kodi addon, the next addon is DC sports. It has more than 47 channel and all are related to the sports. So if you want to watch live sports streaming then you can try this addon. This addon provides content in good quality. But there is a problem with this addon is it is not yet verified by the official developer of the Kodi. So if you face any problem you can not get their help. So it will be better do not ask on the forum.

Live Mix

Live Mix is our next addon in the list of best sports addon for the Kodi. It is developed by Metal Kettle. You can find this addon in Metal Kettle Repository folder.

As the name defined Live Mix, that means it is a mixture of different content. You will get sports content and many other contents like Movies collection and more.

The quality of the video is very good of this addon. There is also a live TV section addon. So that you can enjoy live tv streaming.

So if you want to enjoy movies, live tv, and sports at one place in high-quality then you should try this add-on.

Money Sports

This addon is especially for the football lover because when you will open this addon, you will find many football related link. This addon is best for the sports lover who wanted to watch live streaming. Money sports Addon is dedicated to the sports lover and it is special sports addon of 2018.

If you have an older folder, then you should install to get the latest one. The developer of this add-on is working to make it bug-free and they are resolving the bug of this addon and also time by time they are adding new features to it. This addon is placed within the ‘rmkodi’ Repository folder of the Kodi.

To install this addon and enjoy sports streaming and matches telecasting directly to your device.So here, we have provided best sports Kodi Addon of 2018. Hope you have liked all the add-ons. You should try these add-ons. Time by time the list will be updated.

Advanced Launcher

The advanced launcher is worth addon to adding to our list of best games add-ons for the Kodi. This addon is for launching software and games. Advanced Launcher provides an ability to run an external application.

I have added this to my list because you can run your PC games in Kodi by using the Advanced Launcher. This launcher helps to run any game on your PC. So that you can play the game on the big screen. It will give you the pleasure of playing the game.

If you play browser-based games, then you can also point Kodi to your PC browser-based games.

Duck Shot

Duck Shot is a game add-on for the Kodi. As the name is saying all things about the game. The game is related to Duck. Duck shot is a duck shooting game. You have to shoot the ducks which will appear on the screen. This game is very simple and I can bet you that it will entertain you most. You can download this game from the Super Repo.

With the help of a simple mouse, you can play this game smoothly. So I will recommend you to do not wait and download this game and start playing on your Kodi. It will entertain you for sure.

Free ROMs Downloader

Free ROMS downloader is one of the best Kodi Add-ons to browse and download games. This addon enables you to browse many retro games and download them directly to your media centre. If you are downloading these types of Kodi add-ons then you do not need for separate PC for the ROMs game console.

Only by downloading addon you can play the game. This game is free and available in Super Repo. So go and download this addon and enjoy playing the game without any hassle. You can play the game by using any of the launchers.

Video Game Stream

Are you game lover? and you are always looking for new games? then this is one of the best game add-ons for the Kodi lover and game lover. Video game stream addon allows you to watch the latest game trailer. This addon is kind of Game update, you will get thousands of online game streaming which is new on the market. So you will be up to date with the game world, that which game is coming. So you can enjoy new latest game preview by using this addon.

Netwalk Game

Netwalk Game is a game add-ons for the Kodi. In this game, you have to connect the path to form a network by connecting the computers. If you want to be a winner, then you have to connect all the computer to a network in possible fewer moves. Means a complete network with fewer moves leads to the winner of the game.

Netwalk game is kind of the addictive game because you have to challenge to connect all the computers in fewer moves. This game can be played on any devices where Kodi is installed. But it can be best played on the Touchscreen devices.

You can download this game from the official Kodi Addon centre.

Kodi Blackjack

It is one of the good addons to play games on Kodi. This addon is built for the simple game playing on the Kodi. It is a very good game for passing your time while downloading other things. This game is specially designed for the app. It is available from the Super Repo.

Final Thoughts on Best Kodi Addons

Thank you so much for being on this post about best Kodi Add-ons. As far my knowledge and experience I have added the top Kodi add-ons to watch live tv and all. All the Addons are personally used by me. So I will say you may also use these Kodi add-ons for watching your favourite movies and TV shows.

Hope you liked this post. If you know any other Kodi Addons which are worth to use then feel free to mention in the comment. I will love to add that Addons in this post along with your name.

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