Best Kodi Builds January 2019 – Latest Builds of Kodi

Best Kodi Builds January 2019 – Latest Builds of Kodi

Here we have come up with Kodi builds January 2019 post. In this post we are going to share best kodi builds. Technology is such that one has to just look at a set up of the technical aspects that will pool in to provide her or him with the effective results. One such is the ‘Kodi builds’ which is software that acts as a streaming centre. Before knowing Kodi builds, one should know as to what ‘Kodi’ actually means.  If you want to access free media centre software then this is what ‘Kodi’ is all about. It can be accessed under any operating systems.  It is an application that can stream media such as the movies, TV shows, live TV and also sports.

The operating systems on which this software can be used are – Android, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Mac OS X. If you are a ‘TV favourite’ then you have gotten the right choice here, the ‘Kodi’ software. The same can be used on mobiles that have Android also on iPhone or tablet.

Free TV content can be watched if Kodi is installed in the TV boxes as most of them run on the base of Android.

Kodi can be run on 3D capable GPU graphics hardware controller for all rendering, a Dual-core 2 GHz or better CPU, and 1 GB of RAM. 

What are Kodi Builds?

The ‘Kodi Build’ refers to the running in ‘Kodi’. The add-ons, settings, skins, and electronic program guide can be installed by the build.

Once the Kodi Build is installed, you can customize it and use it accordingly as per your requirements, which is an advantage for you.

It is a known fact now that Kodi helps to get TV shows for free and is regarded to have enough capacity in doing so. The personal video clips and photos are also included in streaming in this highly-capable software.

The add-ons can be found in the following Kodi Builds. This makes it easy for the user to save time which otherwise would be wasted by searching for the required add-ons.

The Kodi Build comes with the option of opening it through the mostly used .zip file. You have to choose the one that you want to download and then you can hit the download button, which will get you through the movies, TV shows, games and many more.

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Kodi has to be used with that content that is owned and bought on the personal basis or on the public domain. Again, it has to be noted that is not affiliated with Kodi.

Best Kodi Builds 2018

No Limits Magic Build

This build is regarded to be one of the most powerful builds. It happens to use the Aeon Nox 5 Silvo Skin, regularly updated, and apart from this, it has all the top add-ons like the Maverick TV, Dogs Bollocks, and Skynet.

Warlock Kodi Build

Warlock is a lightweight build and can be installed also on the media streaming devices. The menu in this Build allows you to view review movies, TV shows, sports content, music, Kids TV programming etc.

Fire TV Guru

A standard and lite version is seen under this Build and is good for the Fire TV Sticks, Android TV boxes, and computers. Xonfire Skin is used with a clean layout. It includes Movies, TV Shows, All-In-One, Sports, FTG Wizard, System, Not Sure, Live TV, Kiddos, Music, etc.

Add-ons are included from movies and sports.

Misfit Mods Lite

The Misfit Mods Lite Kodi Build provides you with free music. TV shows, movies, shows, sports and also streaming of live sports. This Build brings the sub-categories in every section of the Build.

The add-ons on this include Goodfellas 2.0, Made in Canada IPTV, UK Turks Playlist, Cartoons8, BoB Unleashed, SkyNet, and StreamHub.

CellarDoor TV

Created for fun was this open source code build by the programmers. Having Kodi Build one can enjoy the movies that can be viewed through add-ons like SkyNet, BoB Unleashed, and Elysium.

CellarDoorTV Kodi Build is the right choice if you are crazy about movies. The similar to that of Netflix can be observed while watching TV Shows.  

Click on the title to get all seasons of the TV shows and yes, Kidzone is also a part of the ‘package’ here for the kids to enjoy.


From the Simple Build Wizard Confluence Skin, this comes with 220MB in size. Nova’s Kodi Build uses a simple layout.

The layout makes it fine for Fire Sticks, Computers, or Android TV boxes. Again, like other Kodi Builds. It has add-ons of TV Shows, Movies, All Apps, Live TV, Fitness, Sports, Kids Zone, and System.


This Kodi Build is located in the ZT Wizard from the Zero Tolerance Repository. It uses Aeon Nox Skin and its size is 350MB. It includes Movies, TV, Kids, System, Sports, Doc Zone, Explore, Recent, and All-In-One.

The detailed graphics and size make it much better on the fast running devices.

The add-ons are Neptune Rising and Death Streams. The Build can be installed on Android Boxes and standard computers. The features offered related to the source and also the accessibility of the usage with the required sources has made it popular enough.

Dominus Build

CellarDoor TV has developed another Kodi Build. The all-new Dominus build helps you to be on top of latest happenings. The developers have done a great job in getting into existence. It works well on Windows PC, Android Kodi Devices, and Amazon Fire Tv Stick.

The Add-Ons include unlimited movies, Live TV, Fitness, Documentaries, Sports, and TV Shows.

Underverse Build

The APK files are favourable to be used for the Android services. In other words, it can be used only by Android phones, tablets, and streaming boxes.

It comes with the retro design and simple animations. You have to just scroll left or right to preview major content categories. The feature of a category that is dedicated to Real Debrid movies. The movies, fitness, TV shows, and plenty others are the categories that are included in the Build.

Titanium Build

You can get the movies, Live TV, Live sports and much more of the entertainment to be viewed through this Build. Looking for add-ons on this, hold your breath, here it comes – Stream Hub, Royal We, Goodfellas, Echo Streams, Gobble, cCloud, Project Cypher, Maverick TV, etc.

The devices that do not have high specs can also enjoy the installation of this Build. This Build marks to be the most popular one due to its unique function of being used with fewer specs.

BK Links Build

This Build of Kodi has some of the best Add-Ons and Plugins. Most of the streams in this work perfectly and there no such Add-Ons or Pluggings that can be noted to be not provided or streamed under this Build. The large size file is a boon given by the Build and the available download is 315 MB.

The UI and layout of this Build seem to be of very good quality, which is again why you would want to choose it. Whether it is Android device or Amazon Fire TV Stick, bring it on as it works very well on all devices.

Even though the Build does not have an official aspect, still the team developers behind the Build are very responsive and can be reached on any of the unofficial Kodi Communities.

You can add the source in the Kodi File Manager that you have by clicking on the link –


However, small space devices would not hold good for this Build.


There are two Builds that come with the Bucky Kodi Wizard and can be installed – Redemption Bucky Media and Simple Light.

The Redemption Build uses the Confluence Skin with the size of 300MB. Again, like other Builds, this includes Movies, TV shows, Sports, All-In-One, Music, Eyasses, Live TV, Workout, and System.

Not to forget the best Addons with a lot of content as well. So look for this Build and enjoy the difference especially when you have installed the above-mentioned aspect under the Build.

Durex Kodi Build

Yet another amazing Kodi Build for Kodi 17.6 Krypton is the Durex. This offers 4 servers to choose from and its Add-Ons include BOB Unleashed, Neptune Rising, Good Fellas, TV, WolfPack, Planet MMA, SpinzFlix, Kidz Corner, Not Sure, Gears TV, Mobdina and much more.

The IPTV Service comes with it but with the paid option. Recently it has got good recognition and hence is in demand.

Amazon FireStick TV or other devices that run Kodi have one of the best Kodi Builds, the Durex Kodi Build. Here are the URLs for downloading the Build – or

So make this your favourite Build and enjoy the benefits when required.


The Diggz Fire comes with Xenon version and the Twilight version. It is a very famous Kodi Build. Jason Diggz developed the Xenon version.

The size of the Build is 400 MB which is a little larger. This would not be compatible with Amazon Fire Stick TV users.

The offers under Digzz Fire have Movies, TV Shows, Kids Zone, Sports Zone, All In One, Live TV, Media Streams, TV Networks, Xenon Games, Your Library.

The Xenon and Twilight version has UI and the layout which is clear and perfect.

If you want to download this Build, you could just go to – and enjoy the benefits it provides.

Kodi Collusion

This Build is a brand-new Kodi build and is in demand due to its lightweight and super smooth and also because of less UI.

Not much of you would have heard of it as it is new. It has a size of 190MB and comes with required widgets.

The skin it uses is the Aeon Nox skin. Not to overdo things, the Build focuses on offering the required Add-Ons only and is favourable for slow running devices such as the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

UKODI1 Builds

uKodi1 is one of the greatest Builds that is in the process of providing with amazing Builds.

It now offers, Ultima, Star Wars (Kodi 18 Leia), Star Wars Futuristic (275 MB), ESPN, Dragon Fire, Fire Dragon, Comedian, Dr. Death and much more.

This Build of Kodi is maintained and updated on regular basis.

It consists of the user-friendly menu. The most popular of the uKodi Builds is the uKodi1 Ultima whose size is about 212 MB and that offers TV Shows, Movies, IPTV, Sports, Animation and etc.

The Add-Ons included in this Build are SubZero, Maverick TV, Cerebrus, Elektra, Incursion, Neptune Rising, Dr Doom, Placenta, Oculuc, Animania and the list goes on.

The skin it uses is the Aeon Nox Silvo Skin apart from offering Netflix and Hulu as extras. If you want to download this use the URL – so that you can use various uKodi1 Builds.

Boom Shakalaka Build

This Build of Dipterology offers the number of Add-Ons that are completely working. So go ahead and download this Build to stream movies and TV shows.

The sports section and niche content can be also viewed under this Build. You can install this Build and choose different sections which the Build offers.

As it gives a choice and number of Add-Ons, it looks accessible for the sections that you as a customer would wish to get. It is your choice that finally takes the turn and decides. It has loads of features that will make you interested in using the same.

Equinox Kodi Build

The Equinox Build is one of the popular Kodi Builds. Apart from offering you with the Live TV shows, it also gives you your most favourite concept, the sports section to enjoy. If you are the great fan of sports then this Build would be the right choice as it has a lot of Add-Ons when it comes to sports.

Tomb Raider Krypton 

This Build includes the featuring of not only the US shows but also the UK based shows. Movies are also in the list for viewing through this Build.

XENON Build 

This build fits for those who want to use it on their Android devices. Look for shows that you want to view by just using this Build as it has a list of what you want to watch, be it family based shows, sports and much more.

The Add-Ons included under this Build are Duck Pool, Bob Unleashed, Specto Fork, and Covenant.

Spark Build

The Spark Build has its main menu left-placed. It has a very simple UI. The icons are quite big and switching between the main and sub-menus is not quite hard and this makes it popular.

The Build gives you the option to test your design skills and tweak the UI. In other words, one could customize as per their needs (as provided by the Build for customization).

The Kodi Build gets itself updated with the new TV series and movies and so you just have to visit the Build to view them.

This particular Kodi Build includes SportsDevil, Bobby’s Cartoons, Metalliq, 4K Movie, Stream Army, Wolfpack, Ares Music, FTFA, Quantum, YouTube, Goodfellas, Exodus, Made In Canada IPTV, Elysium, Now Music, Xtream-Code IPTV, and F4m Tester. You can enjoy through these add-ons, – TV Shows, Movies, Music from both US and UK, and Sports

SchismTV Build

Here you can make customizations through the Schism TV Build, the appearance and the UI. The skins are very easy to be switched to.

The skins include Schism Conq, Estuary, SchisM Eminence, SchisM Anniversary Edition, SchisM Estuary, SchisM Origins, and SchisM Mimic.

With Kodi, some of the best Add-Ons are filled that is regarded to be at the top. You could filter the movies with the actors’ names. TV Shows can also be segregated and viewed accordingly.

Sports crazy viewers can watch NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and Rugby among other sports leagues. Kid corner features family-friendly movies, cartoons, YouTube Gaming, and other popular kids shows and Live TV channels are the ones the Build offers as its best.

Kryptikz ZT

TeamZT Wizard will be used for downloading the Kryptikz ZT Build. The Add-Ons include UK Turk Playlists, Gears TV, Project M, Bobbys Cartoons, Bretts Retro TV and much more.

Duggz Build

Duggz Build features bigger fonts and hence it is apt for the ‘large screen’ viewing. Updates have been received by the Build from the developers.

The Add-Ons include Falcon Project, At the Flix, Nemesis, Stream Hub, Real Movies, Sports World, Flixanity, Golden Cinema, Bennu, Death Streams, and Covenant.

The Build’s UI is such that the content can be easily accessed. The category of movies helps the viewer to search for the high-rated movies.

The viewing of recent releases can be enjoyed with 4K, 3D, and 1080p. The YouTube’s Trending section is the interface in which the TV shows are projected.

Animations and cartoons, sports, music, documentaries, and Pro IPTV (a paid version of the free IPTV app) are the things that you can enjoy viewing.

Spinz TV Build

The Kodi Builds in this guide are free. Again, Spinz TV Build is the premium IPTV wizard and is set the way it is for Kodi. All the new add-ons of the current are found here.

The Build was developed by Kodi’s best developers and is of compact size. It is regarded to be the most stable build among the devices that supports Kodi.

If Kodi has to be installed on the Android or iOS device, then Spinz TV Build is the right choice for you.

Soon, once installed you would be viewing Live TV, watching TV series, live sports, and enjoy a whole world of movie entertainment (for both kids and adults).

Now for the Add-Ons in this Build – This Build has the add-ons such as CCloud TV, WolfPack, College Football Replays, YouTube, Goodfellas 2.0, UK Turk Playlists, M4U, Mettaliq, Evolve, Exodus, Red Pill, Zem, Yes Movies, Pro Sports Phoenix, Gobble, Planet MMA and Indigo.

Its large menu provides you with the option to access all the main categories.

Jayhawk Build

The UI text is viewable for the large and small screens. The Build features a free version consisting of digital entertainment. Again with paid service, it works similar to that of Vudu or Netflix.

It comes with multiple features and customizing options. Once you enter the Media Wizard, you get to see the Contact Menu, Krypton Builds Menu, Maintenance Menu, Theme Menu, Save Data, Addon Options Menu, Restore Data, APK Menu, and Wizard Credits.

This build will allow you to stream movies, sports highlights, music, TV Shows, and Live TV coverage.

Pulse CCM

The best part of the Build is that it gets constant updates and so the viewer also would be able to get completely up-to-date content at the time of using the Build.

This Build gives you a clear and minimum layout. The skin featured by this Build is Confluence Skin.

The UI consists of Live TV, Kids, Sports, TV Shows, Music, and Movies, among other entertainment categories.

If you want to have a lot of Add-Ons in the Kodi Build then Pulse CCM is the right choice for you.


The Emby Build is Kodi 17.6 Build that comes with new skin, the Kodi 17.6 Skin and is called Embury. The skin can be installed separately on the device, which includes Fire TV Stick.

This Build is one of the smallest builds of Kodi and is around 124MB in size. Fast loading across the devices is an advantage in this Build.

The Add-Ons include Live TV, TV Shows, and Movies. These are featured in the sub-categories.

Hard Nox

The skin used by the Hard Nox is Aeon Nox 5: Silver Skin. Apart from other Add-Ons, the Build comes with Specto Fork and Covenant.

This Build is supported by Kodi Jarvis and Kodi 17 Krypton. The bottom of the screen has the menu and the sections include TV Shows, 24/7 content, Popular content, Movies, and Kids content.

This Build is for an enhanced way of viewing!

Cosmic Saints 4K

If you are a hardcore viewer of movies then this is the right Build for your choice. You can select the movie or if you want to view sports, just go to the menu which is there at the bottom of the screen and go ahead and choose from what you like from the categories displayed there.

It also has the pack of Kid shows!

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