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Numerous people would describe an ideal off day from work as being tucked comfortably in bed and binge-watching their favourite TV show the entire day. Binge watching TV shows has altered the general notion of TV viewing considering the advent of internet streaming services.

Over the past few years, Kodi has attained a reputation of being one of the most sought-after media streaming platforms to watch TV shows, movies as well as live sports. Its popularity is substantially credited to its user-friendly interface and accessibility.

Kodi allows third-party Kodi add-ons which signify that the user is able to stream audio and video media content from other platforms as well. Even though there are a plethora of options in regards to add-ons, a considerable number of the add-ons are geo-restricted which indicate that they cannot be accessed and are unreachable beyond their designated region. You can unblock all these add-ons using Kodi VPN.

In parallel to these restrictions, copyright issues pose a prominent threat to the law. Several users experience this barrier when it comes to using this platform.

What is a Kodi VPN Service?

These restrictions can be completely avoided while maintaining complete anonymity with the help of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service. A lot of people are familiar with the concept of a VPN and are using it as well, but if you aren’t you really should be using one considering its cost-effective nature and the importance it pays to an individual’s privacy.

VPN not only provides unlimited access but also implements a method that ensures all the data that is being received and sent is secured and encrypted. This article will serve as a guide to help in choosing the best and most viable VPN for Kodi.

There are several factors one needs to take into consideration before choosing the appropriate VPN service for Kodi such as location, privacy settings and security settings.  In addition to this, there are several benefits that can be reaped while using a VPN service. They are as follows:

  • Unrestricted and limitless streaming

A VPN for Kodi is mandatory in order to enjoy unrestricted and unlimited streaming and gain the full experience of Kodi.

  • Protect and hide your Kodi activity –

Opting for a VPN service for Kodi will enable you to stream content anonymously. It also prevents internet service providers from tampering with your internet connection and other governmental regulatory bodies from tracking and keeping a tab on your activities.

  • Increases gaming speed –

Using a VPN drastically increases gaming speed while playing games on Kodi.

You can use Kodi without a VPN as well since it is not a necessity; it only helps in providing an enhanced experience. However, it is always advisable to opt for the usage of a VPN service because Kodi is often subjected to cyber attacks.

Therefore, it is important in order to protect one’s private information and activity because there is considerable risk involved while using Kodi. Additionally, there has been considerable speculation revolving around the legality of Kodi due to its open-source nature.

Several users inquire about Kodi’s degree of legality and authenticity and to answer sceptics, yes, Kodi is legal. Every single add-on that enables you to stream content is not official thus, giving rise to the question of legality.

Best Kodi VPN

There are a handful of VPN providers that are available as a direct add-on for Kodi. The most popular VPN providers for Kodi are namely Express VPN, Pure VPN, Nord VPN, IPVanish, Ivacy VPN, CyberGhost and Datho VPN.

Express VPN

Express VPN is considered to be one of the premier VPN service providers present in the market today. It is known to provide the ultimate experience for Kodi as it enables connectivity to speedy servers and locations expanding over 1500 servers and 94 nations. It also ensures effective and efficient performance.

Express VPN enables its users to unblock content and stream content without any restrictions. It involves an easy and swift process of installation and it is completed in a matter of minutes. Express VPN is easily one of the fastest VPN providers in the market today and its satisfied customer base can vouch for the performance of the product.

Even though the price is considered to be quite steep as compared to the other VPN providers available in the market, the performance it provides justifies every single penny spent. It also has a caring and efficient customer service department, which helps its customers with any difficulties faced by them.

They are typically responsiveness within a few hours on social media platforms and are generally available at all hours during the day. Express VPN also follows a no-logging policy which ensures that no records of activity will be kept in the system. This policy is strictly adhered to in order to keep your ISP at bay on the basis of traffic generated on Kodi.

Express VPN also showcases a number of eye-catching features such as the kill switch feature, which protects the user’s data and information in case of loss of VPN connection.

DNS leak protection and supports torrent, P2P activity and includes extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Express VPN has also implemented a 30-day money back guarantee in case the user is not satisfied with the performance of the product.

This VPN service provider accepts payment in the form of Bitcoins as well, which prove to be convenient for the people dealing in cryptocurrencies.

Ivacy VPN –

Ivacy VPN is one of the add-ons available that can be directly linked to Kodi. It is known for its great performance which is equivalent to providing great speed.

It has created a reputation for serving its purpose effectively. It also provides its users with high compatibility and the support of a dedicated customer service team who are available at all times to assist their customers with any problems.

Ivacy VPN is highly priced but its performance speaks for itself.

Pure VPN –

Pure VPN is only the third VPN in the VPN market, to come up with its very own add-on for Kodi for its wide range of users to use around the globe.

The installation procedure for the add-on has been illustrated below:

  1. Start by launching Kodi and proceed to click on ‘system’ which is visible on the Kodi home page.
  2. For the next step, click on file manager and then double click on ‘add source’ in order to add the VPN service.
  3. A box will pop up on your screen where you need to select the option ‘none’ and insert the URL of Pure VPN which is “
  4. Enter the name of the media source.
  5. After this, repeat the same process as expressed in steps 1 and 2 and install the zip file.
  6. Click on the media source and wait for the file to install.
  7. In order to set up the VPN, you need to go to ‘programs’ and then open the VPN.
  8. Fill in the appropriate credentials that are your username and password and select a country whose server you want to connect to and enjoy unrestricted streaming.

Datho VPN-

Datho VPN is the only VPN provider in the market that provides an add-on that directly installs and operates on Kodi. The procedure of installation is similar to that of Pure VPN.

After opening the Kodi home screen, click on ‘system’ and then add-ons and proceed to install the zip file. Once it is installed successfully, the user needs to log in with his or her appropriate credentials and then enjoy unrestricted surfing.

Nord VPN –

Nord VPN offers a wide array of servers to connect to, approximately 3300 servers, which enables the user to alter from one server to another in order to experience high speed and performance. Nord VPN ensures complete accessibility on Kodi. It ensures efficient performance to its users and secures their identity.

Accessing certain files on Kodi may lead to copyright issues and them user may be fined a certain amount of money. In this situation, Nord VPN’s P2P support and double VPN feature come in handy. There are several protocols available that the user can choose from, namely open VPN, PPTP, L2TP and many more.

Nord VPN also showcases high compatibility with the most used devices such as Android, iOS, Windows etc. There are numerous additional features that come along with Nord VPN such as kill switch, which performs the task of turning off your internet connection once the VPN signal is lost.

It also includes DNS leak protection, Onion over VPN and also enables streaming content from popular platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC and many other similar platforms.

Nord VPN also has a dedicated and supportive customer service team that tends to any problems faced by their customers. The customer service team caters to its customers through emails or live chat in order to maintain efficient responsiveness and satisfy their customers. Nord VPN also accepts payment in the form of cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoins.

Nord VPN has an attractive price, which makes it more accessible and affordable to the public.

IPVanish –

IPVanish is considered to be one of the most effective VPN service providers for Kodi since it provides close to all plug-ins and add-ons. Its interface is complex compared to the other VPN providers available in the market. It generates great speed although its speed and performance are not as consistent as compared to the other VPN service providers mentioned on this list.

IPVanish has a large number of shared IP’s and over a thousand efficient servers operating in over 60 countries. Due it to its vast presence around the globe, its users have the option to access add-ons from several locations around the world. IPvanish also provides unlimited bandwidth for users who opt to pay for their services.

It also puts into effect military-grade security and encryption of the user’s data, eliminating all probability of identity theft and data tracking. It also enables its users to undertake activities on torrents anonymously and keeps no records in relation to stream history and content viewed.

Kodi users are quite particular about their personal security and want complete assurance that their ISPs are not spying on them. It is an understandable cause of concern and IPVanish ensures to protect their user’s identity at all costs.

It also enables the user to establish five connections on more than one device simultaneously, which proves to be convenient for the user.

CyberGhost –

CyberGhost is included in this list of best VPN’s for Kodi primarily because of its level of performance and its satisfied customer base. It ensures complete anonymity like most of the VPN service providers mentioned on this list.

CyberGhost erases all log records to ensure that your internet service provider cannot track your personal activities and tamper with your internet connection. CyberGhost also keeps no record of metadata. They offer a free plan for its users which doesn’t cover all the benefits but still performs the vital functions a VPN should.

They charge a nominal rate for the complete package and they also ensure to refund their customers within 30 days if they are not satisfied with the performance of the product. It generally provides its users with fast servers since internet connectivity is of prime importance while streaming any form of content.

It guards its customer’s systems against malicious and harmful viruses that can prove to be detrimental to the user’s systems. Not many VPN services offer this feature. However, there are a few drawbacks in relation to this VPN service provider. CyberGhost does not allow any sort of browser extensions, which may cause a certain degree of inconvenience to its users.

The customer service department is not as efficient as compared to the other VPN providers. Having a 24/7 customer service team dedicated to the company’s customer base is essential in today’s and age. Although their staff comprises of capable and helpful individuals, they are not available on a 24-hour basis.

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