How to install Kodi on Xbox 360 with Universal Plug and Play

How to install Kodi on Xbox 360 with Universal Plug and Play

Hello Folks! How are you? Hope you are good. Today I have come up with another new tutorial, where we will learn how to install Kodi on Xbox 360. I have come up with very simple and easy installation process. Hope you can easily download and install Kodi 17.4 Krypton on Xbox 360.

Without wasting time, now let’s move to the tutorial and quickly install Kodi on Xbox. If you are a game lover then you must have an Xbox 360. Really, it is one of the best gaming consoles, I have seen ever.

There are loads of games inside this console, you will get amazing experience while playing the game on Xbox 360. Apart from 360 series other Xbox are also good. So basically you are using your Xbox 360 for playing the game only.

Kodi on Xbox 360
Kodi on Xbox 360

Kodi on Xbox 360

Think, If you can stream videos, Movies and your Favourite Tv shows on Xbox 360, then how it will feel to you? No words, simply wow. Right. There is a software called Kodi can do this. Yes, with the help of Kodi you can watch movies on Xbox 360. Now you will be thinking that how to install Kodi on my Xbox 360, then don’t worry this post is only for you buddy.

What are UPnP and DLNA?

When you have seen these two words UPnP and DLNA, you must have this question that what are these? so here I am going to provide you more details about UPnP and DLNA separately.


It stands for Universal Plug, and Play. It has a collection of protocols, which allows different devices on the same network. So in this tutorial, we will connect our PC and Xbox 360 on our home Wifi network and then by using this UPnP feature we will install Kodi on Console.


DLNA stands for Digital Living Network Alliance. It provides link protection for Telecom services, Satelite, and cable.

Install Kodi on Xbox 360 using UPnP and DLNA

Now you will learn how to install Kodi on Xbox 360 with UPnP/DLNA. Follow the steps below to get Kodi 17.4 on Xbox 360.

Before proceeding the installation process, you must have an extra device like PC or laptop, and Kodi should be already installed on that device.

1.. Open Kodi in your Device first eg. in Laptop or PC.

2.. Now click on the setting, the gear icon from the top left corner.

3.. You will get many options with the icons, head over to service setting and click on it.

4.. Now select UPnP/DLNA from the Service setting Toolbar.

5.. Now you need to enable the option “Share My Libraries” to share your libraries with other devices. Here we will share our Laptop/PC libraries with Xbox 360 console.

6.. Then enable the option “Allow Remote Control Via UPnP.”

So till now, we have done with the setting process of UPnP in our Laptop or PC. With the help of this device, we will install Kodi on Xbox 360 gaming console.

7.. Open your Xbox gaming console now and then select Media Player.

8.. Once you have clicked on the Media player, the Kodi will be visible on Console.

9.. As we have shared libraries, from there, select video libraries.

10.. Now choose whatever you want, go with Movies or TV shows or something else.

11.. Now you can watch anything which is shared by your libraries.

So above are the complete process to download Kodi latest version on Xbox 360. Follow the above process to get Kodi on your Xbox 360.

Best Kodi Addon for Xbox 360

So far you have installed Kodi Krypton on Xbox 360. After installation, you will go for watching movies, Tv shows, and other media stream content. For that purpose, you must have Kodi addons. So below I am going to listing best Kodi add-ons for Xbox 360 along with their installation link.

  • Openload
  • Castaway
  • Exodus
  • Streamhub
  • Youtube

Openload Kodi Addon

Openload is one of the best sources to watch movies on Kodi. The link of Open load streaming also uses to come inside other add-ons as well. By this, you can assume the popularity of this addon. If you want to watch movies on xbox 360 you must proceed with Openload. While watching movies, you may get stream authorization error. Install Openload Kodi Addon in your Kodi on Xbox 360.

Castaway Kodi Sports Addon

If you are a sports lover, then you should install Castaway Kodi Addon on your Xbox 360. It is one of the good addons for watching sports matches, you will get live streaming, college football, EPL as well. So proceed with Castaway Kodi.

Exodus Kodi

Most used Addon after Genesis. Exodus is quite a popular addon among the Kodi lover. It has entertainment pack, you can watch movies, tv shows, latest movies and newly released movies as well.


Streamhub is one of the best add-ons for watching popular TV shows and Live TV. You can watch Live Tv channels like HBO and Shows like Games of Thrones using this addon.


As we know YouTube is world No 1 video sharing platform and world No 2 search engine. By installing YouTube addon on Xbox 360 you can get all the Youtube movies and video access on your Xbox 360 game console.

Install Kodi on Different Devices

You can also install Kodi on different-different devices. Here are complete guides

Install Kodi on Roku

Install Kodi on Firestick

Install Kodi on PS4

Install Kodi on Samsung & LG Smart TV

Install Kodi on Apple TV

Kodi on Xbox 360 – Wrapped up

Kodi is open source software and it is widely available. So it can be installed easily on Xbox 360. In above tutorial, I have guided to get Kodi latest version on your 360 Xbox. Hope you have done with installation. Keep visiting and keep sharing the article on my blog. If any issue, directly comments below, I will contact you soon with the solution.

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