https// – –, openload co pair [fix]

https// – –, openload co pair [fix]

Welcome! Let’s solve the olpair, openload co pair, and https// stream authorization Kodi error. We will also solve, openload pair and https // /pair Kodi stream-related error. Openload and olpair both are the same error. So don’t get confused by their name and web address.

On Kodi, almost everyone watches movies, TV shows like GOT and others. There are many popular Kodi addons who provides these media streaming. You do watch Sports, Games, latest movies and all on Kodi. Kodi add-ons do add more functionality to it. Exodus is one of the best-known Kodi add-ons, so while watching movies or tv shows using exodus you have probably seen many lists of servers for streaming and when you will have chosen pair then you have been asked to pair for watching the streaming.

So this issue can be stated as an pair. There are many similar names of this error like the olpair error, openload pair, https olpair com,,,, openload pair Kodi, openload/pair Kodi, etc… So don’t worry and don’t confuse much. These all errors are same and it can be solved by one process only. So now we will move to openload pair error solution.

Olpair or pair Kodi Stream Authorisation Error

So when you are choosing /pair server for streaming media content on Kodi, it asks for /pair.  It is a kind of authorization for media content or streaming from the server  openload co pair, and it is important for watching that content. There is also one such kind of pairing error, that is olpair, both are similar, we will learn to solve all these pairing Kodi errors.

Openload Pair

We can say it as an error. But basically, it is not an error. It is an authorization. We can say a kind of verification from the server. As Kodi is very popular among the internet users. There are huge demands of streaming and all. So There will be a huge load on the server. Sometimes, some competitors or enemy sent boat traffic to take down the system due to users overload. So for overcoming this issues, developers want to /pair, So that only real users can view and watch movies and other media content.

How to Fix Openload co Pair Kodi Error

Now we will learn how to fix pair Kodi Error. This is a usual error in many Kodi addons. So here we are going to provide you step by step solution. Hope these steps will help you to solve your Kodi error.

Procedure to Fix 1…First and basic requirement is your you need to connect both devices to the same network. That mean connect your streaming devices and PC/Phone on the same network. 2… Then move forward, open your PC or smartphone, tap to the browser and visit to the

3… After visiting the, you will get above Window, along with your IP details. Now you need to verify the captcha and click on the pair.

4…  After checking captcha and clicking on pairing, your IP will be paired.paired

5… Now your IP has been paired successfully with, Now you can use any addon which has pair. By following methods all the error will be solved.

Now you can enjoy watching movies, tv streaming and any content on Kodi. If you have chosen as the streaming source then you have to pair with, pair and

Alternative Method to Fix Kodi Error

So it is recommended to you that use this alternative method when above method is not working. The basic concept of this alternative method is to disable the hoster of that particular addon. Suppose, you are using exodus addon for movies, so you need to disable hoster in Exodus. For disable hoster, you need to go to the addon setting and then disable the hoster from there.

Disable Hoster

What will it do? If you will disable the hoster, then it will not load the server. So the error may be removed and solved. But you can face one issue, that is you will be unable to watch movies or tv shows. Because when you will disable it if will not fetch content from the server. Sometimes it does.

Is Pair Safe?

Why pairing? We have already discussed it. Now we need to discuss pair is safe or not. So we can not give a guarantee safety certificate here. But we can say, it is safe for the normal internet users. If you are doing all your business over the internet like banking, billing and all. So for safety, you may use any best VPN. But it is not required. If  You are unable to watch the movies and all then revert the setting and follow the above methods instead of this alternative. Hope your Kodi error has been resolved. If again you are facing this issue. Feel free to comment below. We will try to resolve it asap.

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  1. The end for fire stick for me. I am not about to pair anything to my ip. They will collect all data leaving your router to whatever site you visit including your bank accounts, credit card accounts etc. vpn is the way to go but not easy to set up I don’t think. Open to feedback.

    • Yes, they totally filled the site with Ads and fraud kind things. You need to go with VPN. I will post a detailed post on how to setup VPN on firestick. Thank you for leting me know.

  2. I’m on a MacBook and when I try to pair, a site come up that says my laptop is severely infected with a virus and wants to sell me a fix.

    NO WAY!!!!!!!

    If I click on it, I Will be infected. Oh, and the pairing does not work.

  3. All day I keep getting a message from saying my phone may be infected, click on it’s link to fix. What does it mean is it a scam!

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