– Fix Streamango Pair Kodi Error

Want to fix Or Want to fix Streamango Pair Kodi Error?

If your answer is yes, then this guide is for you. As in today’s guide, we are going to guide you on fixing the pair error in the Kodi. As well you will also get a step by step guide on the pairing of Kodi with the Streamango server.

Streamango Pair

Well, Streamango is one of the most popular and reliable Add-on for Kodi to provide movies and TV shows. However, due to higher traffic and popularity, the Streamango has come up with a new mechanism which you need to pair your Kodi with the host server for enjoying your content.

Therefore, for those who don’t understand this pairing step, are getting an error issue while playing their content. Well, for now, you don’t have to be worried as after this guide, you are going to enjoy your favorite shows without any issue or error.

Therefore, read this guide until the end and follow each step carefully for complete information.

Here we begin:

Fix Stream Authorization Error on Kodi

The error showing you “Pair your device…” is the paring error and therefore, it can be fixed from your device and therefore, you don’t have to worry about the server or host. As you will pair your device to the server, your content will be unlocked.

However, here we have provided a step by step guide on fixing pair stream error on Kodi. Just follow the steps below, and you are done.

Step 1. As for watching your shows, you have already installed Add-ons on Kodi. Now, you have to go for the show which you will watch.

After clicking at the show, you need to wait until it shows you servers that are loaded for best surfing. Therefore, wait and let the server load. You will see one of the best servers is streamango.

As you will click on that, you will get an error message saying that you have to pair with them/stream authorization required.

Step 2. If you do not pair with the server, you will no longer be able to watch the movies or TV shows. Therefore, it is recommended to pair with the server to enjoy your content.

Well, pairing is also an easy step which you can do within a few minutes. You have to go to which is an official site to help the users to pair and stream videos and shows which are hosted by Streamango and lets you access the content.

This works on all the different platforms including Kodi.

Step 3. As you will visit the following website, you will see a message “Pair your device to use streamango with 3rd party applications.” A ReCaptcha box will be there. Click on the “I am not a robot.” switch and click at Pair button to pair your device.

Step 4. After clicking on the pair button, you will see a message Pairing successful. That’s it. You have successfully paired your device with the host server, and now you can easily enjoy your content without any issue.

Step 5. As you have paired your device with the host server, now you can enjoy the content for next 4 hours. The point to keep in mind is that you have to again pair after 4 hours. So, you have to keep repeating the pairing after the 4 hours of streaming.

Hurrah! You have successfully solved the “Pairing issue,” and now you can enjoy your content without any disturbance.

What to do If Streamango Pair is not working?

Here are some recommended tips to follow if in any case, your server doesn’t respond. So, if your getting the issue then make sure to follow the steps below.

#1. If the site is not loading or showing you an error message, then most probably your ISP is blocked and therefore, you have to use a VPN for proceeding next. After using VPN, it will surely work on your device.

#2. You can also prefer for another host server such as OpenLoad and others.

#3. Finally, if you are still getting any issue, then this might be the solution. If the Kodi is interrupting the pairing, then you can check this setting. Go to the Add-ons> find Exodus, right click on it and go to the settings> now go to the Playback and turn off the Hosters with captcha option and click ok.


Streamango is one of the best platform for watching movies and TV shows. It is completely Ad free and therefore, it is quite popular among the streamers.

However, due to high traffic and load on its server, they have implemented a new and different way to play the content. Well, pairing the device is quite easy and therefore, we have described you in this guide.

With this step by step guide, you are now able to enjoy all movies and TV shows without any problem or issue. We hope that now you are able to pair your device and can enjoy the content without any issue.

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