, Pair & Pair Authorisation Fix Kodi, Pair & Pair Authorisation Fix Kodi

You will get rid of or pair or pair authorization errors on Kodi Krypton. Because in this post we are going to solve pair stream authorization in Kodi. In past few months, Kodi got huge popularity just because of its content. Nowadays people love to watch movies, TV shows streaming on Kodi using Kodi addons.

There are many best Kodi addons for watching movies, TV shows and media content, but while browsing movies using some add-ons we get stream authorization errors. We need to go with and do pair our device to continue watching movies. But if you are worried how to fix error, then do not worry. You will get complete step by step solution here.

Mainly, you can face these the, vidup me pair and tvad me pair stream authorization error in Exodus, Neptune Rising and Covenant Kodi addons. So get started to fix these error. Pair, Vidup me Pair & pair Authorization Kodi Fix

Before going to the tutorial, let me tell you about this two pair,, and are video streaming sites, which provides streaming to the users. These 3 sites streaming links can be found in Neptune Rising, covenant or Exodus addon. They host their content on their hosting and they do not want to lose their content or crashing of the server. So they asked for pairing. Pairing can be done at, and Hope you have got knowledge about these three pairing.

Method to Fix Pair On Kodi

Step by step solution of the http//

  • For watching movies, we often use Exodus. In Exodus, when we click on any movies, we get something like that. We have to wait for few time for the list of the streaming link.

vidup pair

  • After few second, when we have the list of the streaming then you will choose the video one streaming link.

  • After clicking on the streaming link, you will get the pop-up box for or

thevideo me vidup pair

  • Now open your browser, and go to that link eg. and click on Activate streaming.


  • After clicking on Activate streaming, you will get a success message that you are allowed for 4 hours for the streaming through

the video me paired

  • Now you can enjoy movies streaming or anything from for next 4 hours without any interruption and pair.

How to Fix Pair Authorisation?

Step by step solution of

  • While watching movies from exodus addon, you may get a pop-up window for the pair. That may be of

vidup me

  • For solving, you need to open the browser in your system, and then input this address will get a window like this.

https vidup me pair

  • Now click on I’m not a robot, and then click on Activate streaming.
  • Once you have clicked on activate streaming, pairing is done, your IP is allowed for next 4 hours seamless streaming.
  • Enjoy.

Need of

The movies or any content which we used to watch on Kodi is hosted on some server. So when we select or streaming link, then those are hosted on their servers. The capacity of the server is fixed and they can serve best to the limited number people.

So for better understanding, let me tell you the process first. We go to Kodi and search for the movies to watch, movies streaming link fetched from these servers. But the problem is sometimes some robots and viruses attack these servers and block all the servers for common people.

For avoiding these robots and viruses and required stream authorization. They just want to serve the content to real people. Not the bot or robot.

So we need to authorize our IP as a real people. For that authorization, we need to do IP pairing with and sites. is it safe

Now one question comes to everyone mind that, and the pair are safe? When you will ask me, I will say, yes It is safe. If you are using these pair personally then these are safe. If you want to hide your identity while using Kodi, then you can use any VPN for Kodi.

Also solved: or or openload pair Kodi Error


Thank you so much for being in this post. In this post, we have told you how to solve & error. Hope you have learnt all the things about If not working, then feel free to comment, we will solve asap. Don’t forget to share this post on social media with friends.

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  1. I cant seem to watch the 1 and only soap opera i love no matter whT day it is or time It is msg is alwYs no live strwams available?? 😓 Help please

  2. SO I paired up with and went through the process and got a stupid sweepstakes “win” then went back to try and watch my show and it’s telling me I need to pair my device.

  3. After pairing with olpair my browser is redirected to porn ads. I’m using android box connected to smart to. This is making me a litre wary of something that may be happening in the background.

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